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Director just said he wanted to take a break from it for a little while, but expressed interested in continuing another time. The mangaka also wants for as much of it to be animated as possible.
Yeah, back in season 1, the director said he wanted to animate all of the manga, but that didn't mean that there was definitely going to be more back then. Even after he said that, nobody knew that there would be a season 2, until it was announced by the production company. Given the ratings drop from season 1 to 2, I wouldn't be surprised at all if there wasn't a third season. This show is different from Inuyasha because everyone knew that Sunrise would keep pumping out the episodes until they announced that it was over. A!MG was a show that the production company was taking the, "let's see how well it does, and if it does well, we'll make more" type of stance.
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