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I can't believe there aren't more posts on this fantastic manga.

Just read everything in 2 days, and man is it EPIC. I love how he made Liu Bei's character. At first I was like, wait, this is Liu Bei? However, he's turns out to be a much stronger and more likable character than in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so it's a pretty big plus. Sima Yi, being the main character, doesn't really show up all the much though. It'd seem Zhao Yun has way more screen time than he does. I guess it makes sense, considering the timeline involved Sima Yi shouldn't even be in the story, so there are a lot of liberties taken. The only thing I'm not that sure I like is the fact that Zhao Yun is loyal to Sima Yi.

Anyways yeah, I'm somewhat familiar with the ROTK storyline and I still need to have wikipedia open to look up the names once in a while. Also, it doesn't help that all the main 'younger' characters have the same bishounen face, which makes telling them apart really hard when new characters get introduced.
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