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Question New anime that'll make me cry!

I'm looking for a Romance/Drama anime that really will make you cry, and I mean really cry. It was a long time since I was so heavily influenced by anime and now I feel I had enough of all rigid, unfeeling shows where the concept is about a nerdy, lonely teenage girl's struggle amongst bullying beauty queens, the perfect, self-righteous guy with an ego the size of the Indian Ocean, that always had an eye on her, but never dared to admit his love for her because in reality he's really shy and unsure of himself.

So give me something with an kick-ass storyline!

And yeah, I don't really mind if the "big drama that will make me cry" is that the main character dies and leaves her/his lover behind, but that's just so sad so I would prefer something that's more .. alive. But like I said, I really don't mind so if you got something like that, tell me! As long as I will make the pillow a little wet

Please bear with me and my useless english

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