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General impression of the series.
This show is unique from most anime, has a different ED for every single episodes, close to reality/modern world, contains humor in every episodes. Light novel sold 2x as much since Anime came out (which if season 2 comes, will be animating volume 6+ (currently 8 volumes released), Anime ended where volume 5 concludes. When watching the first few episodes, Kirino has a very unlikeable personalities, but as the series progresses, we learn that she appreciates it from within.
Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
Overall story is confusing at first, but viewers quickly can identify what is going on. Though if this was a 24ep season, viewers who hasn't read the light novels would be able to get more out of it.
Thoughts about the animation quality.
not much to complain about, re-watching it in BD, it is above average, no cheap repeat scenes, backgrounds and characters fairly detailed.
Characters/Character Design
Character design is good, nearly identical/identical to the insert art from the original script/story (light novel)
Voice Acting
Several of the favorites are here, Notably Hanazawa Kana, Taketatsu Ayana
What the show meant to you.
Episode 12 with two different ending, it emphasizes that small change in decisions can have a large impact on the future.[/B]
What could the creators/animators/writers have done better.
make a 24ep season instead. alot of things were skipped/shortened. and 12ep season usually is confusing for like half the season before you are able to get into it and knows what is going on.

Animation Quality: 9 (not much to complain, good character designs, no cheap repeat scenes, looks sharp on BD)
Voice Actors: 10 (knows/heard most of the seiyuus, including few of my favorites, no annoying voices, matches well with the character design)
Script: 8 (it follows the script from the light novel, with 1-2 original materials, I feel that they skilled quite a few things. timeline is about 3weeks/ep (9months over course of 12eps)
Soundtrack: 10 (Op sounds great, ED is unique from most anime in that it has a different ED for each episodes)
Editing: 8 "weight" was misspelled in one of the Op (official, not fansub)
Enjoyment: 9 (personally enjoyed the series very much, humor in every episode, always looking forward to the next, but does have a few uneasy moments)
Emotional Involvement: 9 a few here and there where Kyousuke does all he can, sacrifices his reputation for his sister, and the last episode near the end, if you seen it, you would know what I'm talking about.

Excellent = 9

quick Character Analysis:
Kyousuke- Poor guy becomes the scapegoat of many of Kirino's actions, yet still does everything to try and improve their relationship....maybe he is a siscon.
Kirino- Otaku, model, but also perfect at everything she does, but has a poor attitude. Obsessed with Meruru.
Ayase- Model, Anti-Otaku, extremely violent, wants a very close relationship to Kirino, mistakenly believes Kyousuke likes ecchi things and blames him for kirino's otakuism.
Kuroneko/Ruri- "Chuu ni byou" nekomimi girl. pretends as if she is from another world, likes Masquerade, perfect at video games, yet not good at creating script. not very good at making friends, caring for her sisters. Rival of Kirino in writing novels, yet she always loses.
Manami- Kyousuke's Osananajimi, also serves as his advisory. is not very technologically advanced, likes Kyousuke.
Saori- Ojousama, very tall otaku, who gives herself a alternate person name "BAGINA" acts very lady-like inside her house, but not so much out. Afraid to lose friends, supposedly beautiful without when not wearing her round glasses.
Sena- great at debugging, Otaku, Fujoushi, imagines BL in both 2D and 3D.

looking forward to season 2 (I think if things sells well, there will be season 2 eventually)

if you have time, you may consider rewatching the episodes in Blu-rays. about half the episodes have a min or two of cute scenes not aired on TV. (Time constrain reason)

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