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Story - 8

The True Route OVA can be divided into two parts. The first part is a video game making sidestory that introduces Sena as a new rival for Kuroneko. The second part is about longing for Kirino's presence and how the character's reacted to her sudden disappearance. Overall it feels like they skipped some scenes and it doesn't have a proper buildup for the climax but I did enjoy the story.

Animation - 9

The animation is pretty good for an OVA.

Voice Acting - 9

Same cast. No squeaky high pitch voice or characters that sounded like they are trying to blow up a balloon.

Music - 8

Same stuff from the TV anime.

Characters - 8

Sena is a good addition to the cast. She's funny and much more weirder than Kirino. But I'm still having doubts if "fujoshi" really exists LOL. Kuroneko got the center stage this time and I think she can be a good female lead. Kyousuke is more of a follower than a lead character. He gets drag along the story up until the last episode when he was needed to bring back Kirino. And lastly, Kirino changed her character. ..for the better. I guess she was humbled by her american peers.

Total Score - 8.5
I really hope they'll make a season 2.
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