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Since it doesn't look like anyone's posted it here yet, the sequel to Ougon Musou Kyoku was announced today. Looks like it'll be coming out either at Winter Comiket or Summer Comiket.

Ryuukishi mentioned that he'd like the most recent character contest to influence the lineup of new characters. He also made a point of mentioning how surprised he was to see Lambdadelta so high in the polls. Make of that what you will.

He's also thinking about adding a mode to make special abilities easier to use (pushing a button to use Battler's blue truth was his example). Though he doesn't seem too sure on that point, and is asking for fan input.

Finally, Ryuukishi said that he wants the sequel to include a CG mode, where new pictures are unlocked as you play the game. ...And he's looking to fans to help supply them. They'll apparently be accepting images by email until the end of March.

What we know so far:
* Images may contain characters that aren't in Ougon Musou Kyoku, but should stick with characters from Umineko.
* Sizes 1920*1080, 1600*900, and 1280*720 in png format
* Each person can submit up to three images
* Previously released images are allowed, but the submitter must have the rights to them
* Monochrome images are okay
* Images should be all-ages appropriate
* The images might be altered for the game
* They might have to lower the amount they're accepting
* Email should be sent to, with 黄金夢想曲CG応募 as the subject.
* Names will be included in the credits, so be sure to include a pen name that you don't mind being displayed.
* We haven't heard their thoughts on submissions from overseas, but please remember that 07th Expansion doesn't speak English. Except they could probably recognize the word 'name'. Except in Japanese, that means you're mocking them. Or it could mean you're licking them. Ah, language is fun..
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