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Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
Don't use the SOS system all-together then. It's entirely unnecessary along with the Vox Populi function. Especially in a JRPG game where the major focus is on a single player experience and telling a story.
Well i wanted to try all of the new functions this version has to offer and this one was one of the ones i was looking forward to.

Tried it again after reseting my console for once and nop still no avail. Only Vox Populi function works. Sigh...o well, no multi dimensional help from other selfs then... sadness T.T

EDIT: wait as sec suddently it works... What the hell... o well i got a feeling its not gonna work anymore somhow after i leave the dungeon, might as well use it as much as i can. Just suddently worked after posting this was so random
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