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Originally Posted by mastermind3342 View Post
can a baby being made by combining gen from 2 egg from 2 women artificially? (well there is anime like that in the past)
if the males gone then the stock for sperm will be gone too, right?
I believe the MC once asked this question before and they replied the attempt to produced from sperm stock failed because the cubs couldn't survive more than a days.

Originally Posted by frubam View Post
The ONLY thing I want is for #1 to NOT have sex with the sister =02. PLEASE don't do that to me =02. I NEVER like it when virgins get their first time stolen(unless its pure plotless hentai of course)
You.....i likes you there
Incest is disgusting, also do that there same with declare humanity truly has fallen. Since there are 5 men survived and possibility a more then the imouto can paired with other men beside their brothers
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