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I don't see how it would cost double or triple the dev cost just to stay on PS2 since it can actually decode true 5.1...add to that, their next title is for PS2 so /shrug. It would be more on the PS3, but probably not by a significant amount considering the caliber of graphics in the AT series.

While it's only anecdotal evidence, quite a few people actually upgraded their audio system for AT1/AT2, myself included. People have said this on Toukousphere, and it's a recurring comment on 2ch as well. Considering interviews that Tsuchiya Akira has done, and the importance he's mentioned about AT's aural aspects (as well as Shimotsuki and...i think it was Shikata...or was it was a while back), while Gust/Banpresto might not care, I think Tsuchiya would.

And Banpresto is completely under the BanNam flag now, if I'm not mistaken (ie, their budget comes from BanNam) as of a few months ago so I wouldn't exactly call Banpresto small anymore...not a multinational company obviously, but it should have significantly more resources than before.

anyhow...sleep calls...night
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