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Originally Posted by dierapunzel View Post
I think you can find all the songs of the Live on YouXXXX.
Search "其れでも、お征きなさい仔等よ" and there they are.

I really wish the wig maker/designer would consider more of the acter's facial outline.
Aramary impressed me a lot becausse either it's her face or the make up, she almost looks western.

In Roman, I hate Revo/Lourant's design because that hair makes him look awfully fat and the eyes were drowned. I even thought that maybe he couldn't go without a pair of sun glasses... But Shatan looks fabulous, so the problem must be the wig.
In Moira, Most people looks good. But again, Shimotsuki Haruka's wig doesn't suit her, it's like a female version of Lourant. And the Prince, too, the wig makes his face looks so flat.... Plus that Mr Takashi's performance is more singing than acting... Kuribayashi Minami could sing and act, I think her outfit was OK, but it could be better if her skirt could go longer and that her hair doesn't divide the way it was... perhaps a bang would make her face not so round?

Don't get me wrong, I love their performance. It's just that you need to be careful when you put yellow hair on people with yellow skin...sometimes it'll just look like a huge blur of yellow, especially when there are no obvious lip rouge or eye shade... And people have hair styles that compliment them or destroy them, too...
Ye you have right i LOVE remi's dress in roman she so beauty
and also Yuuki was very cute with her goth loli
Remi in moira was very amazing she is a very beautiful woman
But i want to know how is old aramari?wikipedia say the year is unknown and i want to know also the reasons she left sound horizon
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