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Originally Posted by Depletion_Garden View Post
That said, just how secret is Revo's identity? Its like yo, I'm Revo, I compose and arrange all this shit with my right hand man Jake. That said, there isn't much information about Remi either.
For Kaori, I managed to figure out that she's Kaori Oda and worked with Kajiura Yuki on the Tsubasa Chronicle insert songs. And she had a bunch of outside singles, like the Luminous Arc OPs and Bacanno ED.
For Yuuki, she's Yuuki Yoshida and was part of a U15 band SpringS. Which had Hirano Aya in it and some other person I don't know. I thought that was kinda interesting.
Rikki is pretty famous, so we all know her.

Bleh. Enough rambling, never gonna stop otherwise.
From what I hear, Remi also does vocals on a lot of anime OSTs composed by some dude.

Here's a random Yuki Kajiura & Sanhora connection, that's a tiny bit more complicated: Yuuki was in SpringS with Ayaka Ito, who was half of the duo Itokubo, with Keiko Kubota making up the other half. Keiko Kubota is a member of FictionJunction with Kaori.

As for falling for certain vocalists, I think Mari Endou did a much better job in the Moira concert than Ayaka Naitou did on the Moira album.
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