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I've been listening to the Moira album again recently, and unlike the some of the other posters above, I think I actually prefer it over Roman. Moira felt more epic and fantastical to me in terms of the story and music composition, whereas Roman felt slightly more pop-ish. Perhaps because I like to daydream, listening to each song in Moira felt like I was going through each chapter in a fantasy novel and seeing it play out in my mind. It also felt like SH had returned to the days of Chronicle 2nd, which I liked due to its 'fantasy' feel

In a sense, I was just a tad disappointed with the Moira Live due in part to some of the acting not meeting up to my expectations, or the mental picture of Moira that I had going in my mind. Still, it was quite good overall and the encores were interesting! That being said, does anyone know whether there is an actual release of the song entitled "即ち...光をも逃がさぬ暗黒の超重力" (Ike and Revo's song) ? Or is it just something that they sing during concerts ?
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