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Holy crap guys, did noone else notice yet? The black cat showed up in Kazumi Magica! My mind is currently being blown.

Anyway yeah, it seems like Kazumi Magica does have a somewhat stronger connection to Madoka Magica than we thought it had. Soul Gems exist, and witches also apparently drop something; though if that is a Grief Seed isn't really known yet. The mysterious person creating witches/handing out power I spoke about last time seems to have been revealed, and is a Puella Magi...? Or maybe she's just another mysterious character? In any case, the idea that this world is somehow related to the Madoka Magica universe makes the flashbacks Kazumi had in the first chapter much more anomalous and notable--six witches and/or mahou shoujos standing around a hexagram, Kazumi recieving her bells (Soul Gems?) from an older adult figure...

It'll probably be a while before we see the answers to these mysteries. Chapter 2 made me feel less Kazumi moe than the first one, but this manga is still pretty awesome.
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