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Originally Posted by Mizuno View Post
lol at the master's dbz takeoff. I'm more looking forward to Miu's fight than Kenichi now. -_- Where the heck did the Kenichi who fought Shou gone?
i'm the same, i'm looking forward to Miu vs Rimi..

Originally Posted by KLGChaos View Post
He started to get overshadowed by Miu and the masters and became a minor character in his own series, spending much of his time standing around while others do the real fighting. Mostly due to the stagnation of his growth and the fact that power level wise, while he personally has grown, everyone else seems to have grown at the same exact rate, so the status quo hasn't changed at all. It's like DBZ power levels... no one ever really moves up or down a tier. They all stay at one spot for the whole manga and never move, giving you the illusion that most of the characters are stuck in one place, even if they are getting stronger. Like Krillin.
The problem is that Matsuena love Miu, we know it already, i'm the one that is angry for it..Miu there Miu here, we can't be helped she always be the star for Matsuena..however, i still hope that the time where Matsuena have no choose but to make Kenichi more strong than Miu will come..

Originally Posted by Fenrir_valindri View Post
Except Kenichi is never the underdog is any of his fights anymore unless he is facing a Master class. Only Miu really outshines him, and it is pretty clear he is a class above all his other friends. The fact his friends managed to keep relative to him at all just shows how much talent really matters.

He stopped being the underdog after his fight with Shou, Boris was the first member of Yami to truly realize this.
I agree.
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