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Originally Posted by PiccoloUE View Post
Hello all, I was thinking about starting to watch this series, but, I have one quick question.

I noticed that this series was sub titled "Lelouch of the Rebellion". I was wondering if there are any other series that I should watch before "Lelouch of the Rebellion"?
None. It's a completely brand new series. No novel or manga as a precursor either. So no ending spoilers whatsoever to throw around.

BTW, the 'Lelouch of the Rebellion' part of the title, which now sounds like a subtitle, has been speculated (in other words, it's merely guesswork with logic as crutches) to be for the first 25 episodes...and that it might change for the last 25 (perhaps 'Suzaku of the Rebellion')....but there is nothing to back this. Merely speculation. So don't take this seriously. Really.
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