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Hime was a silver when you look at what she can do, the only difference was what they believed in. To silvers emotions and origins were distractions not needed, where as to humas they support them are are to be treasured.

Thats why the silvers were never able to find the golds home, because they didnt consider it important enough. As JP says, everything hime can do the silvers could do better, but just didnt see the reason as to why.

Also remember that Hime isnt all that different, others have telepathy aswell. We have teleportation abilities, the twins (we never really go to see just what they could do), and im betting the other attendents all had some abilities, this was used in one of the later episodes when they all transfered their energy to hime when looking for elysium.

Saying she's supper powered is a bit wrong. Tru she wasn't normal, but when looking at the whole she wasn't abnormal or superhuman.

Age dosent need much in the way of character development, since he's already fully developed at the beginning. You have to remember that although they say Age is 16 in one episode, in truth he's over 200. For alot of that he was with the golds, they taught him what he had to do and when to do it. They pretty much told him everything what was going to happen.

Including the death of mars, his seperation, her refusal to lead, and then her rise to power. He knew it all right from the start. The only development he needed was his personality as he adapted to the various changes he goes through. Frankly i thought that was handled really well.

Cliche is pretty much another word for anime these days, no matter what the story is about is going to be cliche. Just look at the new aired ones, they just as cliche as HA was. All told, HA handled the cliche's a bit bad at first, but once iut settled down they did really good with it. And lets face it, it's still no where near as cliched as Gudam Seed and GS Destiny were
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