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There is type of hero that doesn't change but affects change in other people, catalyst hero. Ed Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop as Axel is type of catalyst hero, he didn't change, except environmentally, compared to other characters who actually started to show some Axel's behavior.

After rewatching show I would say that Hime is true hero of the story, she went on journey to find savior of Iron tribe and on the way she became it. Age has more role of mentor/ally/catalyst. In book "The Writers Journey", mentor is described as teacher, gift giver (usually item that helps hero, lightsaber or Nodos), heroes conscience, even sexual initiator; Age fits in all descriptions, don't you think so.

Mobeedo got probably shot as Emperor or very close if Hime left galaxy. We know there is limited number of people with silver abilities, of those 2 are his daughters and his son is dating third. Wouldn't be suprised to see people with Hedron shields to be considered new nobility.
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