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I hate it when writers decide they need to drop you in the middle of nowhere with a completely new cast of characters and you're left wondering what happened to the old ones: I've never understood the point of that. I can only imagine it working if there's immediate pay off and whilst they did explain where Ginoza and Teppei went, we've still not seen Yayoi and been given an explanation on Akane's circumstances.

The new characters themselves are largely pretty good. I liked the development the new enforcers got: They were kinda A-holes at the start but they gained some good karma when they started being proper team players. I like Arata quite a lot and they've done well to characterise him with a lot of layers as well as subtle detail. One particular example is that the sound of rain is casually revealed to be necessary to his Mentalist ability, and if you go back to the beginning of Episode 1, there was a moment where he "fell asleep standing up" likely due to the heavy rain. However, I do have to qualify that whilst his Mentalist ability is an interesting concept, it comes across as far too hax. They should've really expanded on the science and that was one thing that I miss from Psycho-Pass Season 1 - there would often be long discussions about psychology and criminology and they were always fascinating. Missed opportunity here considering its relation.

It also feels like the show runs far too much on rule of cool now. The parkour was cool and well done and I do like the CQC but we get waaaaay too much. It's like everybody's a kung-fu fighter now. And a lot of the characters are still a bit too caricature-esque. It's definitely not as bad as Season 2 but it is noticeable. As amusing as it is seeing Mika as a Tsundere Pez addict, it's also hard taking her seriously now. And then there's the those weird trio of characters (including Mamoru Miyano) that just scream "WE ARE SO EVIL!" operating in the underground like some kind of bizarre Illuminati conspiracy.

I do enjoy the show overall and if one were to judge it on it's own it's still quite good, but it seems to me that they'll never be able to the recover the same magic that Psycho-Pass Season 1 had, and it's difficult not to make comparisons.

Also Episode 2 was kinda bizarre in that it ended the first arc and established the new one mid episode. It clearly wasn't intended to be a double episode.

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Wasn't he considered a fugitive in S1 and 2? Now he shows up working for foreign affairs...
You'd have to watch the third Sinners of the System film to understand that bit. You can skip the first two if you want because they haven't shown to be that necessary in understanding this season (yet).
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