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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Okay, this show has certainly become a lot more "dorky" (at times intentionally and at other times unintentionally) and don't really like it but at the very least I do appreciate the time taken to develop its characters overall. I don't know why they're only focusing on the guys though.

Well actually that's not true, I know exactly why they're only focusing on the guys for now. Between that and the main duo, it's pretty obvious that they're appealing to a "certain" base but whatever.
Wow that certain sounds a bit weird. Then again, the staff said from the beginning they never intended Psycho-Pass to focus on romance which is why Akane and Kogami were never into each other. Even the original actors said that about the cast. As a result, they noted the female demographic liked certain stuff ever since season 1.
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