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When I watched the first episode I was a bit worried based on how it ended. However by the time I finished the fourth episode the series gave me confidence. Over time it grew more interesting and had a few surprising moments I wouldn't have expected at the start. Yet for me they still fit in with I had seen before. Clearly many feel the reverse, but that's an argument for another thread...

On the negative side the series did have problems. It could have used better time management in general. Due to lack of episodes and some poor time management there were shafted characters and rushed events sadly. If anything the last part of episode 13 should have not been included at all. That's not to say I'd want it removed entirely because it's nice to have it. Just that I think it would have been more effective had it been part of say an episode 14.

Over all I enjoyed the series, but I can't justify a rating higher than 7. Actually it would be higher than 7, but it doesn't quite reach 8. Think of it as a higher end 7 as in say 7.6. I like the series quite a bit, I can't ignore the negative side. Which is too bad. If they had made this 24 episodes like it should have been, I could easily see myself giving it a 10 assuming they made good use of the extra time.

Heck they wouldn't even really need to greatly change the flow of the events that they've already shown. Just add in more episodes at certain points. For example when Sana finally starts to explain his past instead of a quick explanation have it be a 1-3 episode arc. During this arc you'd see the events play out with the occasional comment from present day Sana.
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