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Well...I still say that given more time to play around with, this series could have turned out way better than it did...but overall I am pretty pleased with the finish. 7.5/10 which rounds up to 8

Some didn't like the dramatic turning points in the series but I really like how it turned out. Asami going berserk was a nice surprise (totally zomg and LOL reading people's reaction while I wasn't much affected by how illogical it was ).

Many points has been stressed before about the uneveness of the time usage for this series. Some characters could be better off recieving more time whilst others were completely shafted, not that I mind Aoi being shafted because I just don't like her type of personality

Hinako is an angel but for the length of this series she stole the spot light too often...if this was a 20+ ep series then things would be different and perhaps even Aoi could have recieved some development.

The only thing I hated was the time skip...seriously 10 years is far too long for where they left off - why can't they just limit it to a few years >.> (same thing happened to Nanoha and I wasn't impressed).

Shuri and Shuu twincest was something I really didn't expect but became clearer in the end...come on those two are just made for each other - and I doubt it would be Shuu's request to get together officially seen as he is always a gentleman towards Shuri's sensitive side.


They really should have had some explination though as what happened is all too sudden...but looking at the bright side, I guess it is sorta "mysterious" and "romantic".

The adults in this series all fail!! (With exception of Aoi's).

The series overall provided some dame emotional and moving scenes but failed to improve on what could have been amazing. But I still enjoyed the ride as it wasn't anything serious to begin with. Drama, sweet drama

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