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Minus points:
-Spending two whole episodes on a character that would never play a role in the actual story, despite already being short on time.
-Animators' inability to understand time; for heaven's sake, at least make Yuzuki look a little older, and change Aoi's voice. It's okay at 17-18, but 27-28?!
-The mass amounts of plot devices; Like Kaji was so obsessed with Nanaka, but she attacked Shuri, forcibly finishing her story and pretty much Asami's; Best example is the queen of being used as plot devices, Asami.
-Making such a big deal over Sana's past and suddenly explaining and resolving it in 2 minutes
-The epilogue that screams laziness.

Plus points:
-Nice OP and ED
-Didn't end up being super cliched, like I originally expected
-Interesting at times...

Too many ways it could improve...

There were many moments that were questionable, like Nanaka's change in attitude towards Sana at the beginning and the stuff I listed above.
It was decently fun to watch, but was also frustrating at times (mostly near the end). Kind of a pity, because it could have done better, much better...
That nearly sums up my thoughs as well except that my rating for M; Y is 6.6 rounded off to 7. Stressing on last statement and they really needed a better scriptwriter.
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