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Another predictable episode just episode 1. Enter a new big boob girl and Seista acting like shes hard up for a date and you have episode 2. The crappy thing is the one thing that kept me really interested was about the Runes on Saito's hand but of course in only 2 episodes he got it back so hes back to being Louise's puppy slave. Louise irritated the living hell out of me this episode. Her antics were amusing in the first season a little in the second season but its just old now i dont see her character really developing well at all. Granted she has become more open with her feelings with Saito but not very much i just dont see any real character growth something that should be obvious by now with this being the third season.

I still don't like the animation but I guess i will have to live with it. Whats funny is they found the elf and that was it the episode started focusing on Louise redoing their contact. Now the only interesting part is about this new bad guy and why he needs the so chess pieces for his master plan. He also seems to be a bit of pervert after that whole rubbing the statue things.

All i can hope for is that things get better over time. I hope they bring Tabitha back into the main cast soon she is my favorite character and seems to have quite a bit of screen time in the OP. The crappy thing is i cant drop the series since I have seen both seasons so i have to finish it out.

7/10 me being nice.
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