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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Actually, each of them summoned their Servants because of the catalysts they had. It was impossible for either to summon another as long as they had said catalysts, unless they got another catalyst (at which point I assume it'd be whichever catalyst was stronger or whichever Servant was more similar to Master).
Yeah, the catalyst is a strong factor too. Forgot that Shirou had Avalon inside him. But what if Caster made a deal with Shirou before he summons Saber? That would be interesting.

Oh yeah, while I'm at it, why in anime (especially medieval) the main protagonist had to be some kind of a knight. I really want to see a protagonist who is a wizard and has other warriors as his/her sidekick friend for once ^_^. Anime like Fairy Tail and Negima doesn't count coz that's based on a world of wizards.
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