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Originally Posted by Charsiupao View Post
I think if all Caster really wanted was someone who would care for her, it's a tragedy that Shirou invoked Saber and not Caster. Shirou and Caster would have been perfect for each other (at least until Shirou realises that Caster needs to absorb living energy just to hang around).

I think someone should have helped Caster as her shield was slowly giving way - it was obvious from Saber's expression that Gil was the bigger threat, and with only Caster, Lancer and Saber remaining, they weren't going to be able to get much more help against Gil once Caster and Kuzuki went down. She certainly held him off long enough for anyone to react if they wanted to.

Why does Caster have elvish ears, by the way?
She'd just kidnapped Sakura and attempted to kill Rin and Shirou. Why the hell would they help her?

Originally Posted by Charsiupao View Post
I haven't seen any of the visual novels - only watched the anime. Poor Caster. It's amazing how a villain with such little screentime can invoke such sympathy just because she died well. I understand Rider is also immensely popular too, although probably for different reasons.
Rider is popular almost solely because of the HF route of the game, though, which portrays her much more sympathetically
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