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Originally Posted by Cherry_Lover View Post
She'd just kidnapped Sakura and attempted to kill Rin and Shirou. Why the hell would they help her?
That's true, but when Gil appeared I felt really really worried, with a great uh-oh feeling down my spine. Much more foreboding than Caster or Assassin managed. Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon looked awesome, but he had "I'm a really evil chap" written all over his face. And after Caster died I had this "you're next" feeling. But I guess none of them, not even Saber, really knew how big Gilgamesh's antagonistic role in the scheme of things was.

I just watched Unlimited Blade Works, and it was even more extreme. Caster demonstrated no likeability at all for much of her screentime, and when she dies she suddenly gets all doe-eyed and teary and stares at Saichourou before disappearing. It didn't quite have the same sympathetic effect as it did in F/SN, though.
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