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@kyp275 - well because plants and animals are also "alive"... would be hard without eating that stuff. Why should we be allowd to end their lifes - but our life worth more. Not humans = not the exact same rights.

Well if we back to the definition of PC/NPC int my opinion Yui is NPC, because no real human play as her character, If you say that her nature is different . . . well you could say that she is a special type of NPC (which is can be created by accident) with special AI that make her more humanize, or another extreme way of thinking is think her as a 'being' that lurk whitin digital world (you can analog it to ISO in tron).
Yes thats pretty much my point. I don't say that she worth nothing because she is an NPC - you all give NPC just so less credits.

Yui is not a "character", as "character" exists only in GAMES, the boundaries of which she has long since broken out of. You're equating AIs to NPC, which are two fundamentally different terms.
So is a "Bot" an AI? Because he is not "part of the game". But a bot is just a simple script that charge an enemy and then attacks... without any free will and so on.
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