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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
I see what you're getting at, but my comment isn't so geared at those with ideology problems that prevent their actions; it's more stupidity. Times when there is no ideology present, and the character repeatedly doesn't do the obvious thing that they have no compunction against doing... they just don't do it for unexplained, or poorly explained, reasons. Like watching a house catch fire, and you have a hose hooked up to water right there, which they look at several times, and instead settle for sitting there going, "What do I do? There has to be some way to put out this fire; oh woe is my life!" Even worse when they set that fire themselves, heh.

Edit: I suppose the best analogy I can draw, is the Darwin Award winners. We don't see their suffering or their deaths as tragic. Instead, at best we just shake our head, and at worst, we laugh. All because they do things that they should have the good sense not to do.
Well, I feel in those cases it's bad writing because the scenario is just too detatched from actual people, or comedy. However, I happen to like comedy so...

But I will say, the more cynical one becomes, the more comical things become, even if it shouldn't.
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