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Uggggh @ that CG Dragon, in fact the whole fight was pretty lackluster since consisted of 90% stills. Bleh

Aside from that, not bad episode. I liked Lizbeth/bet quite a bit, moreso at beginning then before she randomly decided to fall for Kirito since having a platonic relationship with at least one female character is bad thing for whatever reason. If the show wasn't so intent sledge hamming KiritoxAsuna, I would pretty much root for her and Kirito despite fairly forced way she fell for him. Now I wonder why Kirito wanted a sword with same strength as his old one rather than one stronger...

The show still suffers from the general issues that plague the series from episode 2 onwards (awkward writing, disjointed timeskips etc) so there no real point in repeating that. Kirito testing her sword without asking her or not offering compensation felt rather out of character. I also don't see why he needed climb the belltower to find her when he has a tracking skill, not to mention she's likely on his friends list. It's pretty bad sign when a show forgets it's own mechanics not introduced too long ago.

Overall pretty pleasant this week. 7/10

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
As for Lisbeth falling for Kirito. Yes, she became attracted to him, but this stuff happens often enough. That doesn't necessarily mean that something deeper is going on. A crush does not automatically mean love is happening. The latter takes time.
lol are you kidding me? Every semi-important female character wants him, no reason for her not to either. Subtlely isn't this show strong point, plus Kirito seemed like he noticed her feelings himself.
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