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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
As for Kirito being a Marty Stu... Yes, in a way, he is. But I think that's the whole point with his character.


He has just the right amount of angst. Not so little that he lacks character or seems impossible to accept in a setting like this, but not so much that he makes you think of guys like Guilty Crown's Shu or Mirai Nikki's Yuki.

And yes, he's very good at what he does and he has plenty of talent and skill.

In short, he's Chuck Norris. Or Optimus Prime. Or Superman. Or Batman. He's that sort of character, and that's the whole idea with him I think. He's meant to be awesome and cool and the ultimate "good guy".
I think this is where people are having problems with the Marty Stu argument. "Mary Sue" originally referred to a type of character that plagued Star Trek fanfic -- she'd come on the Enterprise and solve problems that stump Spock and Scotty, wow Kirk with her bravery, beat Sulu in a fencing competition, etc. That isn't Kirito -- his comrades consider him a great fighter, but they question his decisions, in particular his insistence on being a solo player, and sometimes he screws up royally. That's not Mary Sue; that's Kirk.
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