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The thing I liked most about this episode was the "Fairy Dance". To me, this really felt like the climax of the story arc in terms of what it has been building-up to emotionally and symbolically, and now from this point forward is really the denouement. Although everything isn't resolved, they're getting closer to an understanding, and their guilt for each of their parts in the whole misunderstanding (and they way they both decided to give up the dual at the same time) shows that they're not so far apart in the end. Indeed, the title of "bonds" was very appropriate, because that's really what this episode was all about. The "Fairy Dance" was a hug between siblings who might have been lovers in a different life, and were able to finally start the reconciliation process through a game. It's a pretty nice message on the whole.

Like I said, the rest was denouement to me. We knew Kazuto/Kirito would find a way to break through the hordes somehow, and make his way to the top (and use the special key), because therein lies his unfinished business. The revelation that it actually was impossible for regular players to get to the top of the tree (even if they made it through the hordes) is not surprising at all. The world tree quest was always a lie.

Recon's wasted self-sacrifice is sort of a sad but accurate portrayal of his character on the whole, but he did his job in the sense of showing Suguha that there are other people in the world that care for her as well... even if he sadly has no chance. I guess never giving up is his good quality?

Anyway, so begins the mad dash for the finish line so that "SAO" can truly end (both in the show, and for us as viewers). I like the way everything has come together on the whole.

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have to agree, Kirito said something along the lines: "when Asuna is awake I will probably going for you, Sugu, because than i can start real life again" (around min 10). what a jerk.
Yeah, as was said, I think you've misinterpreted this line. That doesn't mean that he's going to see Suguha as a romantic interest once he frees Asuna by any means. It means that, once he finally breaks out of the game, he can start the reconciliation process with her for real now that everything has been laid bare and they can start to put the past behind them. He's not being either a jerk or a player here, just explaining what he has to do first.
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