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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Deaths in Gen's works aren't like deaths in Another or Blood+. They're purposeful, they serve important roles in the story, they're not solely for shock and awe. And I think that's part of what makes Gen an effective writer. He is willing to kill characters, but only if it serves the bigger picture of the narrative as a whole. He doesn't kill characters just for the sake of killing characters.

What do other people here think?
Unlike most anime in which some characters die without reason, Urobuchi's deaths do serve a purpose, and I think they are portrayed so magnificiously despite not being so gratuitous (despite only watching Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass so far). My gripes to Urobuchi's writings however is while their characters developped throughout the story, only the most important ones have enough backstory to tell, as well their motivations, which is what I realized when watching P-P so far. Romance also happen to be another weak point in my personal experience of watching his works. But I'll admit that Urobuchi has a fondness of comparing his works to western litterature and movies, and he likes to touch a genre that never exploits much of the darker aspects before, such as the magical girl genre for PMMM, but is also able to use one darker genre (such as police procedural for P-P) but mixes some of his trademark lines in order to make up for a flavorful, yet grim plate. Considering I plan to watch Gargantia this season, I really hope for Urobuchi to try something more lighthearted (despite falling under the post-apocalyptic approach of the mecha genre) without putting much of his darkness like his previous works nor any trolling traces like he did in PMMM.
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