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Originally Posted by Starlightz View Post
I deleted my previous post since it's not really fitted with weekly episode to novel discussion. However, seeing you are talking about anime length, I have this question then - why aren't there enough episodes for this? It's true they might not have enough episode if they are going to put Aincrad into one cour (which seems to be what they are doing), but that wasn't the only option right? Putting Aincrad to 1.5 cour (15-16 eps) or full 2 cour (22-24 eps depends on materials) would have given them enough room for all the SS and the main story as well. The anime is 2 cour after all.
Look the Aincrad is the longest Arc of the SAO series, I am not counting the Alicization Arc which is the true longest. Look what they are trying to put in a course of only 12-13 Episode's Vol 1 ,vol 2, Aria in the Starless Night and maybe A Murder Case in the Area .
If it was just vols 1 and 2 then the anime would be done it way that would leave fans a bit more happy with it.

Yes it looks like that was not an option.

If the the Aincrad alone was given a full 2 courses with a total of 22-24 then yes the Arc would in a way that make complaining fans happy.
If it Aincrad then certain SS would get 2 Episode's instead of one which from the looks of they will.
There maybe a few changes but over all the it would be done right.

But we are not . We are instead to 2 Arc's and a few SS in to 24- 25 Episodes.
This is the way I see it , 12 -13 episodes for vol 1 and 2 plus a few SS and the other 12-13 episode's for vols 3 and 4.
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