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Hmmm... Anyone else think that the argument about the simulation near the end of ep 4, is an anime original? I don't remember that one. It doesn't make any sense how Yui can complain about it considering that the novel started with her and the imperial royal guards testing the railguns via simulators...

Ok. time to run for real this time.
Well, there's some difference between using a simulation to train for combat tactics, and using them to test the ability of individual weapons. Yui's got a big "I've fought and watched people die in the field against real live BETA" vibe going, compared to Yuuya's test pilot attitude. So I didn't see Yui being dismissive of the value of simulations per se, but of them allowing for a pilot to deal with them through ways that wouldn't work in real combat. Kind of like memorizing the patterns in Pac-man; the artificial limits of a sim let a pilot get away with things they couldn't IRL.
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