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I think, to some, the only plot they're interested in is that which directly relates and unambiguously contributes to clearing the game and getting out of their situation, despite the fact that the episodes thus far have all been dealing with "how to live in this world now that we're here" (so, the opposite). So they are basically considering anything else like "filler episodes" that won't matter in the long run (because, ostensibly, they and the various characters contained within "don't matter", or at least it wasn't important to see them be introduced in this way), and even are just "delaying" their getting out of game (or the story focusing on that aspect).

I personally don't agree with that view, as I too like the presentation style and think the vignette nature of the show thus far is pretty poignant... but that seems to be the major point of contention.
I have to agree with you here. I honestly don't mind the "vignette nature", as you put it, and enjoy the series for what it is, not how I think it should be.
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