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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
A few technical questions...Dark Repulser is not registered in the craftbook but still has a +0 next to it, unlike Kirito's previous sword, the Elucidator. Why didn't it have an upgrade rank? I also don't see the point in using his new sword, since his old one had better stats savefor 4 STR. Then there's the material used...Liz said only a craftsman can extract it, but Kirito had already dug it up by the time she was awake.
You'll note he stores 'her' sword while keeping his old one. Most likely he's upgraded the hell out of his current sword, and her's will not be better until he can grind some materials for various upgrades. Ultimately I would expect the new sword to be more powerful, but not until it's been upgraded. Kirito may be visiting Liz every few days for the next several weeks with bags of upgrade materials to make the new sword strong enough to use.

Just because she said she had to be there, doesn't mean she 'had' to be there. Folks have already addressed this from the LN perspective, but lots of MMO player's get some rather silly notions about increasing drop rates.

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I still don't understand. Won't the story's "Real Plot" be just like this? You know, since SAO's premise is "Thousands of people trapped in a game and how they cope with it."?

As for Lisbeth falling for Kirito. Yes, she became attracted to him, but this stuff happens often enough. That doesn't necessarily mean that something deeper is going on. A crush does not automatically mean love is happening. The latter takes time.
Since pretty much all of ep3 > 7 have been just like this, you're probably correct.

And it's possible Liz really did fall for Kirito because of the whole suspension bridge effect. What's more important is that she realizes Asuna has already fallen for Kirito and steps aside, and that Kirito realizes Liz has feelings for him and reacts properly.

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I think, to some, the only plot they're interested in is that which directly relates and unambiguously contributes to clearing the game and getting out of their situation, despite the fact that the episodes thus far have all been dealing with "how to live in this world now that we're here" (so, the opposite). So they are basically considering anything else like "filler episodes" that won't matter in the long run (because, ostensibly, they and the various characters contained within "don't matter", or at least it wasn't important to see them be introduced in this way), and even are just "delaying" their getting out of game (or the story focusing on that aspect).
I think this episode marks the fist time our MC has actually talked about beating the game, right?
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