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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
I think this is where people are having problems with the Marty Stu argument. "Mary Sue" originally referred to a type of character that plagued Star Trek fanfic -- she'd come on the Enterprise and solve problems that stump Spock and Scotty, wow Kirk with her bravery, beat Sulu in a fencing competition, etc. That isn't Kirito -- his comrades consider him a great fighter, but they question his decisions, in particular his insistence on being a solo player, and sometimes he screws up royally. That's not Mary Sue; that's Kirk.
Well, the term "Marty Stu" certainly has a strong negative connotation. But my point was mostly directed to those accusing him of being a Marty Stu, which is why I didn't shy away from the term.

My point to them is "You're right about how Kirito is just an all-around great guy, who's "flaws" are of the sympathetic sort that just enrich his character, and that he doesn't have some tragic flaw that truly undermines him a lot or makes him less likeable. And that's the point. He's a hero, a real hero. And I can see how he's probably designed to be the guy that the modern otaku would want to be."

I honestly haven't seen many anime characters like Kirito (which is partly why I now find him very interesting), but western entertainment has many of them. There's the four I mentioned, as well as Kirk like you mentioned.

Yeah, he's more Kirk than Mary Sue, definitely.

But I want to differentiate Kirito from harem leads that attract lots of girls for no apparent reason, because I think he's very different from them (and frankly, I think he deserves better than to be equated with them). Kirito is not a loser that girls inexplicably fall for. Quite the contrary - He's a winner, and a hero with a good personality, and that's why girls legitimately fall for him. Let's be honest here - He seriously helped out Silica, he had been seriously helping out Sachi, and he really impressed Liz. And it's not hard to see why.

That's not to say I want this "Kirito saves the girl of the week" thing to be your typical SAO episode, but it's fine for these side-arc episodes I think. And I think we might as well embrace the fact that Kirito is a Kirk - a cool hero. That character type is definitely not without its charms and appeals, at least in my opinion. I'd take him over your standard harem anime lead any day.
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