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I <3 My Soul, Your Beats Yui version is great ; also an official mix between it and original would epic.

Crow song I agree with previous that Yui's version isn't quite as good; though it got better as the song went on, just kinda of started off awkwardly compared to the original.

Her Alchemy on the other hand is awesome , I prefer Yui's to original for it.

My Song, Yui Version is pretty good, though it has good bit different feeling than the original did, I like it though, not sure which of the two I prefer for it.

Of the three new songs, I thought Run with wolves, and 23:50 were both excellent songs. Morning Dreamer isn't bad, though it's much more calming, and peaceful than most of the GirlsDeMo songs, it feels like it could have been a HTT song . Not that's a bad thing though.

I think that covers my thoughts on album since other songs were same as the single versions correct?
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