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Nice, we get post-skip CobyMeppo now!

I pretty much expected that Coby would be around captain rank by this time. He may have awakened his haki and was trained by Garp and all, but that still doesn't guarantee that he'll be admiral-level in just two years. BTW, it's apparently been confirmed that he can use all of the Rokushiki skills now.

Speaking of Garp, he's apparently been confirmed to appear, as well. There's no sketch of him, but there was a figure of him that was part of the movie-related merchandise (he still looks the same as he did pre-skip, though). And now that we're on the subject of merch..... I think now's a great time to bring up Volume Z!! Just like how we've had volume 0 when Strong World came out, this book will be given to those who go check out Film Z in the theaters. However, note that it has NOT been confirmed if there will be a manga tie-in chapter yet (like when we had chapter 0). However, there HAS been confirmation of a special anime episode that ties in to the movie that's actually being overseen by Oda himself.....
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