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If it took Coby 2 years to reach captain rank, how can it be possible for him to suddenly leap straight to admiral level after just a few NW arcs. That makes ZERO sense.

Besides, let's not forget that Smoker is one of Luffy's chief marine rivals, as well. And at VA rank, he's MUCH closer to being admiral level at this point. So why should a rookie like Coby suddenly jump to Luffy's level when there's already a suitable rival for him (whom he's even interacting with in the current manga storyline)? Ya can't have your cake and eat it too, y'know.....
Rank doesn't = strength in the marines. If Coby is introduced after Big Mom there is no way he is being weaker than Luffy. He is Luffys equal so he will have same strength as him. It just depends when he's being introduced again. If Cobys only purpose is to be introduced at Raftel do you see him being VA level? Story wise depends on a character like him. There are some characters who will automatically be beast because of who they are with but we don't know what Coby has done over the TS.

He very well could be training with Garp or Bogart right now so him being stronger than Luffy isn't farfetched.
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