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^I can see where this argument will go if I continue this debate, so I'll just leave it at this: Yes, Garp trained Coby. But remember that he ALSO trained Luffy once upon a time (ten years before he became a pirate, to be more specific). And despite all that training, Luffy still got his ass kicked hard before the skip. No matter how much special training Coby might have gotten from a legend like Garp, it by no means guarantees that he'll be Luffy's equal at this time (just as I've constantly argued that Luffy's training from Rayleigh doesn't guarantee that he's equal to the emperors by now). Coby is NOT going to make such a huge power leap in such a short amount of time.
You're being a non believer. If Luffy continued training with Rayleigh instead of going to FI Island he would be stronger.

He awakened COO pre skip. It does depend on when he's being introduced why are you not accepting that? So Coby being introduced near Raftel won't be Admiral?

To say he won't make a huge leap is speculating. I'll bring this up again next time we see him. A lot of non doubters in Coby.. I beleive in him though..
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