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yea i think that's a little off. i would have preferred to see sasuke summon a hawk instead and actually it would have been nice to see sakura have her own animal too. not really sure what it should be, but i just dont see why it has to be the exact same set of summonings as the sannin. sometimes mirroring the past works, other times it's boring. 3 giant summons would still provide the mirror effect anyway, it just wouldn't be exact and unoriginal
it probably would have been nice to have a different set of animals, but since i never seen the sannin fight as a team im still excited...
as for the hawk,( if i force sai's reintroduction to having any real meaning), he showed us that an aerial approach isnt best. it was his idea/announcement regarding the tactic they should use and to that end sasuke summons the snake which is both powerful and QUICK enough to slip through to get to the main body...
whether or not thats whats really going on, its where my imagination took things...
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