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Originally Posted by Souten no Seigyoku View Post
No it makes sense that they summon their former masters' pets.
Kish is saying they are the New Sanin and have surpassed their masters.
naruto and frogs is a given. sasuke could have summoned snakes or hawks. my point is hawks would have been refreshingly new. (he still might do it at some point in this fight of course)

and sakura was a blank slate so it literally could have been anything. of course slugs make the most sense, but who's to say she only has one summon? like sasuke she can have 2 as well. again my point was that it was boring and predictable. something offensive instead of defensive would have been cool

Originally Posted by Artimus_Prime View Post
as for the hawk,( if i force sai's reintroduction to having any real meaning), he showed us that an aerial approach isnt best. it was his idea/announcement regarding the tactic they should use and to that end sasuke summons the snake which is both powerful and QUICK enough to slip through to get to the main body...
whether or not thats whats really going on, its where my imagination took things...
yea that's exactly what's going on. but the same info could have been provided by sasuke instead of sai. sasuke trying the hawk and then needing the snake or vise versa to show each one's power and weakness throughout the battle. or both at once like edo-pain did. i dont know. i'm just asking for a little originality to spice things up. i've seen the giant snake and giant slug. granted i'm sure they will do new things, but a different animal would be more fresh
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