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Shino's summon attack is sick as hell. Imagine that performed a humans

Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
I wanted this generation to deal with their shit and after the Hokages revival I though i won't be getting that. But, Kishi at least this right.
I'm not sure what you expect but to me it seems that these other genins will be used as measuring sticks and commentators/spectators pretty soon, that is when both Naruto and Sasuke and also the kages finish their warmup.

I wonder what's Orochimaru up to, maybe he has some plan for the 10-tails and rinnegan, which would also benefit him personally. Until now he cooperated with Sasuke, but maybe he has his own agenda, sure he would be an interesting final villain if he turns out to be some kind of Dr. Gero (from DB/DBZ) who collects knowledge and cells in this war and then disappears for some time and comes back for the last story arc. His goal was always to master all jutsu and we learned that everything that Kabuto did was based on Orochi's previous work, so he was basically a lesser Orochimaru, with that in mind it's clear that Orochimaru has all the abilities to become a final villain that can make even more impressive things than what we saw in this war. But i don't see what are the motivations of this new Orochimaru, how would he become a final villain that makes sense for his character. We know that losing his parents and many of his comrades was an important factor in him turning "evil", but it would be very boring and lame if it's just that.

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