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Originally Posted by Sety View Post
Could anyone give a summary of whats happened so far and whats the setting?
Well, I'll review the first chapter here, then I'll post the rest on my forums once I get done reading them again. I'm not touching the chapter titles with a ten foot pole because they are... whacked. If anyone else wants to provide their version, then can do so here. The really have no relation to the events in the chapter whatsoever... >>;;

Imperfect Review

第1話 「そして今宵エウロペはゼウスのもとより降る」

Jupiter. Inhabitants of a world that carry the name of Zeus. Three years have passed since they attacked earth. However, not everything has ended. There are those that are still aiming at Earth with an ever vigilant eye. The final battle of the space pirates of the Crossbone Vanguard and the Jupiter Empire unfolds in space with the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance!

Universal Century 0136.

Crux Dogatie's second wife Europa is attempting to flee an attack on their ship. As she's fleeing, she reassuring herself that she can't die and that there has to be someone to save her, otherwise "there won't be anyone to tell." Several mobile suits of the Jupiter Empire swarm her suit, so she ejects and floats aimlessly in space. She is startled to see a skull and crossbone illuminated against the black backdrop of the stars. It's the Crossbone Gundam.

As it charges past her, the Empire forces are in complete shock at the sight of it. Tobia begins taking out the units asking why they always (x5) keep appearing in front of them each and every time. After he successfully takes out the suits attacking Europa's units, he sits in the cockpit with an uneasy feeling. Just then, his monitor shows somone drifting in space. He picks up the young woman, who comments on Tobia's childlike appearance. He blushes at the fact explains that he just turned 18 and introduces himself.

Just then, old man Umon starts barking on the communicator and Tobia says that he's coming back. Back at their ship, Tobia scopes out Europa while Umon blows a gasket about the lack of spare parts to repair the Crossbone with. As Tobia takes Europa to the gravity block of the ship, she pulls a gun on him. She identifies them as the Crossbone Vanguard... enemies to the Jupiter Empire. Just then, Bernadette comes toddling out to greet Tobia on his return when she recognizes Europa. The two stare at one another dumbfounded. Seizing the opportunity, Tobia kicks the gun out of Europa's hand and her into the wall. Everyone is shocked, and he just has a 'wut' expression on his face.

Bernadette takes Europa to the showers to clean her up. She bears the number '778' on the top of her right hand. The talk over some things (you can tell I'm getting lazy in this review) and before they know it unknown units are approaching! Europa says they are from Jupiter for sure. Tobia sorties with two others and they begin their counterattack. However, after taking out a unit, they discover that their enemies are in possession of nukes! As the battle continues, the units begin self destructing in an attempt to thwart Tobai's efforts.

After the battle is over, Europa notices that they have brought one of the Jupiter Empire soldiers onboard for medical treatment. Given that the time is right, she explains her story to the others. The Thunder of "Zeus" plan... a direct shot at Earth from Jupiter with a super-long distance colony laser!!

第2話 「月に鳥が舞った」
第3話 「絶望を歌う半〝神〟」
第4話 「たった6日のクエスト」
第5話 「青き星に侍を捜す」

So why do people fight, anyway?
Perhaps the meaning of existence lies within their will to fight.
People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle.
And itís also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.
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