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haha. I don't think a Japanese guy would have a female roommate.

I'm betting that he didn't go to college. Because of the different school year, Japanese kids are usually 22+ when they graduate college and he seems like he's fairly far along in his apprenticeship. My host brother was interested in being a pastry chef so he was in a culinary school but he said that most people who are interested in traditional Japanese cooking (definitely the case for sushi-making!) find a chef to apprentice under. These can be pretty long apprenticeships (10+ years) so that's my reasoning. Kissuiso is a small operation and Ren seems to allow more hands-on work than a typical master but Tooru's pretty good and he's skilled with a knife (Getting permission to use a chef's knife in your apprenticeship is supposed to be a big deal). I think he's been an apprentice for a while.
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