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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
OTOH....all those Spartan augmentations that give her Spartan IV's the capability she's so proud of? ("Spartans do in 30 minutes what Marines do in 24 hours") That's something that Halsey created. It's kinda of hypocritical for Palmer to arrogantly lavish in her transhuman abilities while at the same time grilling Halsey for the methods she used to develop those transhuman augmentations in the first place.

Halsey didn't exactly *take* all those Spartans. She requested Spartan reinforcements from Lord Hood, and he gave them to her..
The problem isn't how Halsey requisitioned the Spartans so much as the fact that they all got stuck inside Onyx. She convinced Lord Hood that the expedition was worth diverting all those Spartans from their existing engagements.

Maybe she didn't know they would be trapped, or maybe she did. As far as ONI was concerned she could've sabotaged the war effort if things took a turn for the worst.

While I'm not advocating that how they treated Halsey was entirely justified, but with her being such a wild card who goes against the highest establishment and actually has the means to do so (embedding override codes inside Roland lol) I can see why they view her with contempt.
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