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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
Based on the fact that Travis personally involved herself in online flame wars over how many Clone Troopers there were (her book said there were 3 million, people argued that was totally insufficient for fighting a galactic war), I'd say that's very likely.
Probably because countries like the Peoples Republic Of China's armed forces total about 2.3 million and that's just the Liberation army not including the Navy and Air Force and that's just on Planet Earth.

I'd say Halsey has at least some moral high ground over Nazi scientists. They were doing unethical research to solely benefit a specific group (Aryans). Halsey did her unethical research to benefit the entire human race...and created super soldiers that DID proceed to actively protect the human race. This doesn't absolve Halsey of anything, but it should put things in perspective.
Oh no I'm just saying in comparisons since that's what they're treating as. Though I'm surprised that Bungie allow someone like Travis to go to such lengths to demonize Halsey.

No. What personally irritates me about the setup? It's not that people call Halsey out on what she did. It's because all the people who call her out so vehemently are the same black ops "ends justifies the means" spooks. Parangosky okay'ed turning armies of orphaned kids into Spartans "for the greater good". Ossman went and propped up an Elite insurgency against the Elite faction that wanted to be friendly with humanity "for the greater good". And frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if Palmer carried out some downright dirty shit, "for the greater good" of course.
Pretty sure your not the only one. Interesting to see what'll happen after she meets with the Liberian and she's the other piece of the puzzle to what she did to John's DNA.
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