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I'm not saying anything about Zoro and Perona-sama, its more of my love for Perona-sama than anything lol.

She's on top of my favourite Lolita list, her super cute Lolita style and attitude = win.

What she's wearing is a super combo of Gothic-Punk-Ero-Princess Lolita. Represented by Gothic eyeshadow make-up, Punk style shirt and socks, mini sized shirt and skirt and Princess crown. Oda definitely went to extremes to patch up such a difficult style combo. Just pulling off Punk Lolita alone is extremely hard.

Anyway, though I've expected Buggy to show up in some way, especially this mega welcome party for the grand opening of the New World, I'm still quite surprised he actually appeared. And lol, he already reserved a seat at Impel down.

Now on the guest list we have:

Whitebeard and crew.
Captured Sabody pirates, may include a bunch of Supernovae
Assorted vice admirals and throngs of marines
All 7 Shichibukai
Buggy and crew
Other Impel down prisoners

How many more are we expecting lol
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