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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Dunno about anyone else, but the highlight of the spoiler for me was the return of BUGGY! Looks like that speculation of him being captured by Kizaru was true after all! I'm really hoping we see him pull off some crazy stuff at Impel Down. I still think that he may be capable of using Haki....
I don't think so... if he could use haki he would have used it way back when he was when... Shanks may have Haki but nothing says he necessairly learned it while with gold roger and could have learned it afterward...

Originally Posted by Rainbowman View Post
With Brook: I wonder if he'll get any of the female cultists pregnant? (Just a joke)
He would, but... he doesn't have a penis! Yohohohoho! Skull joke!

With Zoro: Somehow I don't think a ZoroxPerona relation would work out considering Zoro finds Perona annoying especially after their last encounter at Thriller Bark.
this coming from the biggest LuffyXNami shipper...
hey you don't like people stepping all over your unbelievable pairing, don't go stepping on others

Originally Posted by OtseisRagnarok View Post
well compared to the others, she's flat as a board. She's a lolli in the OP universe, not ncessarily ours.
She's can't really be called pedo-bait... pedo-bait is a term saved for actual loli's and the very underdeveloped...

She's also not loli... though to be fair, i guess you could say she comes close depending on how you look at her

What of err... what's her name from his home island?
And what? you find it wrong that Oda's setting up a love triangle... hell throw zoro and Tashagi into the mix and we got two triangles colliding to form some kind of love hexagon... and perona-sama's the link (hmm, maybe it's more of a love hourglass then)

it's obvious, Oda's next project after one piece will be a harem series... based on one piece...
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